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Walking in the Prophetic Tradition: Models of Speaking Truth and Acting in Love for Everyday People

Walking in the Prophetic Tradition: Models of Speaking Truth and Acting in Love for Everyday People
Contrary to popular belief, the biblical prophets do far more than predict the future. They speak truth to power, they tell the truth about the uncomfortable past, they indict empty religiosity, they advocate for poor people and working people while seeking justice--all at tremendous risk to themselves. In Walking in the Prophetic Tradition Jason Bembry argues that the prophets have too often been domesticated by cultural impulses that reduce the prophetic message to prediction about Jesus or the end times. This book highlights themes addressed by the Old Testament prophets and connects each theme to modern people who exemplify passion for those same ideals. In this sense the prophetic tradition comes to life in the lived testimony of Martin Luther King Jr., Dorothy Day, Myles Horton, Cesar Chavez, and Cornel West--moderns who stand courageously in this tradition. This book is a guide for all who seek a fuller understanding of the Old Testament prophets and who want to continue their work in the present. ""This powerful and insightful book lays bare how the prophetic fire is manifest in mortal and fallible human beings grounded in Christian faith and radical love! Bembry shows us why we need this courage and compassion more than ever in this Trump moment!"" --Cornel West, philosopher, political activist, and author of Democracy Matters ""This is the book you have been waiting for, whether you know it or not. In our troubled times (which times aren't) we are led to wonder if scripture can say anything that really matters. But in those parts of the Bible we often read the least, OT scholar Jason Bembry has found a treasure trove of riches that address our most vexing questions . . . But perhaps more important than the particular issues he addresses, he teaches us what a truly Biblical STANCE in our world might look like."" --Randy Harris, Abilene Christian University ""Professor Jason Bembry is a gifted scholar of the Bible and Biblical languages, and he also firmly believes that the trenchant voices of the Bible's prophets remain deeply relevant for our fractured modern world. Thus, Bembry describes the bravery of the Bible's prophets and then seamlessly weaves into his discussion courageous modern prophetic figures such as Rosa Parks, Myles Horton, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dolores Huerta, and Cesar Chavez. This is a priceless volume."" --Christopher Rollston, George Washington University ""Bembry skillfully brings into conversation the Old Testament prophets and modern-day truth-tellers in ways that are mutually enriching, freeing these ancient voices from domestication while at the same time offering those who would dare speak truth to power in our day timely lessons from this oft-ignored Biblical tradition. An inspiring and challenging call to all who desire in our day to walk more faithfully in the way of justice and truth."" --Philip D. Kenneson, Milligan College ""If you've ever wanted to live in the spirit of the Hebrew prophets, heeding the call to 'enact justice and the love of mercy and to walk with your God humbly' (Mic 6:8), this book is a must. Be prepared to be challenged and emboldened by rarely told stories of the biblical prophets and their contemporary exemplars. Bembry unlocks the power of the prophetic tradition in a moment when the church so desperately needs it."" --Miriam Y. Perkins, Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan Jason A. Bembry is Professor of Old Testament at Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College. He has also published Yahweh's Coming of Age (2011).