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Textbook Ordering Directions

Textbook Ordering Directions

1.   If you know the ISBN number or title of the textbook simply type it in the search bar at the top right of any webpage on this website.  To search for textbooks by term and course make sure you have access to your class schedule or course titles and follow the instructions starting at step 2 of this tutorial.

2.   Click on Textbook Lookup (left side menu)

Choose the academic term 

Select the department from your class schedule as it appears on the Milligan schedule

Select the course number from your class schedule

Select the section number 

A list of your required and recommended materials will show up

3.   Click on the COURSE MATERIALS you want to order

Hover over New and Used price for more information on the item

     Click on selection(s) and the boxes will turn green for items you would like to purchase, click again to unselect


5.   To repeat process for remaining classes Click on the white "X" on to the right of the Courses heading, continue adding all your course materials to the shopping cart click CONTINUE SHOPPING.  Alternatively you may click on any of the higher level courses or terms to return to the previous screens.  

6.   After all selections have been made Click CHECKOUT

Enter your email address

Enter your shipping address (you must do this even if you are choosing "in store" pick-up.)

Confirm your billing address

Select whether you would prefer to have your order:

Standard Shipping

Pick up on Campus

*You only need to CLICK TO CALCULATE SHIPPING if you change your shipping address*

Select your payment method:

Pay with Credit Card

Substitution Preferences: In the drop down let us know if you want substitutions if necessary or not

A student ID number is optional but highly recommended.  Enter the student ID number belonging to the student using the textbooks in this section.  This is the 10 digit number that is highlighted in orange on the student ID.


If payment method is Paying with Credit Card, you will be taken to a separate link for secure credit card information gathering and then be returned to the bookstore's site

Charges do not happen immediately. They will go through when we process your order later in the store. 


You will receive an email confirming we received the order (the order number will also be in this email and is needed for pick up)

Your second email may be from the credit card link. This is not confirmation of the actual payment or that your order is ready. 

You will receive a second or thrid email to let you know some of all the order is Complete. It is ready for pick up or is being shipped. 

All order status checking can be done by logging into the bookstore website.

Bring Order Number and Photo ID for Pick up on Campus orders. 

 If you need assistance with placing your order please give us a call at (800) 446-4045 . 
Our staff are always happy to help out.  

Instructions for redeeming RedShelf eBook:

If you purchase your RedShelf eBook online through the Milligan University Bookstore you will receive an email with instructions. 

If you purchased your RedShelf eBook at Milligan University Bookstore please visit Your bookstore receipt will include instructions.  Please hold on to your receipt.  Your receipt has your redemption code printed on it. Visit .  Click Login.  If you do not already have a RedShelf account, Click Create Account.  Please use your Milligan email address when creating your RedShelf account. In the top right corner of the page under your login name, click Redeem RedShelf Access Code. Enter the code from your receipt and the eBook will be added to your RedShelf Shelf.